The Modern Bouffant™

For those who are fans of the traditional style bouffant scrub hat, the Modern Bouffant™ is for you.  This redesigned bouffant features big pleats across the front that allows the hat to hold a lot of hair without all the excess fabric.  You will also find the bill to be more streamlined which ends right at the ears for all-day comfort.  So if you are into the traditional scrub cap of the OR, then give the Modern Bouffant™ a won't be disappointed.

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As a healthcare worker who has to have the full extent of hair covered, our bouffant hats are both functional and fashionable for the OR or ICU. We have a range of pleated style bouffants to suit your color preferences.

About Our Bouffant Scrub Caps

What Are Bouffant Hats?

A hair bouffant is a type of hair covering with a streamlined bill. The seamless bill features elastic and fits around your ears. The large pleats allow for complete hair coverage, even if you have a lot of hair. These styles of hair coverings are ideal for people with long, thick or natural hairstyles. If you need to wear masks, they're compatible with ear loop mask styles


Bouffant caps contain loose hair. They're used in food service, clean rooms and medical settings.


Our bouffant scrub caps feature an adjustable cord or elastic. This adds comfort and makes it easy to wear the cap for a long shift. The materials are breathable, so you won't get too hot or sweaty. Our bouffant hats are made in the USA, and we carry your favorite styles, colors and designs.