Harmony Subscription Club

When will I receive my monthly subscription order?

Great question!  All subscription orders ship out on the 15th of every month unless the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday.  In that case, your subscription will ship out the following business day.  If you join our subscription service after the 15th, then you will be pre-paying for the following month's shipment. 

What are the benefits of joining the Harmony Subscription Club™?

Who doesn't like surprises? With the Harmony Subscription, you will receive two super cute scrub hats delivered right to your door every month hassle free.  It's like Christmas every month!  And who doesn't like to save money? When you subscribe you'll receive up to 35% off the retail price plus FREE SHIPPING every month.   Let's face it, you can never have too many Harmony Scrub Hats and its never been easier express yourself while at work. 

Can I skip a month?

Absolutely!  Simply log into your account and make the adjustment.  

Can I cancel my subscription?

Ugh...FINE but can we still be friends? Simply log into your account and click on "Manage Subscriptions" on the left.  There you will be able to adjust or cancel your subscription. Please note we bill in advance so if you choose to cancel your subscription after the 15th of the month your subscription will end the following month. 

I absolutely love my subscription!  Can I get credit for referring my friends and co-workers to the subscription club?

Soon! We are working on creating a referral program so stay tuned! 

Can I change my subscription plan?

Yes.  If you would like to change the type of subscription i.e EURO to Modern Bouffant then simply log into your account and select "Manage Subscription" on the left.  

I live outside of the United States, can i join the subscription club?

We are working on opening up subscriptions to our international customers although at this time it's not being offered.  Stay tuned! 

I love most of my scrub hats in my subscription but one just isn't for me.  Can I exchange  or return it?

Part of the fun of Harmony subscription club is trying out something new, but sometimes you may find that one of the scrub hats may not be for you. Unfortunately we do not allow exchanges or refunds on any subscription item unless you received a damaged or defective hat.  But hey! look at it this way, thats one less birthday or Christmas gift you need to buy!  As always, If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Return & Exchanges

All un-opened, non-subscription products can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase.  Refunds will be processed within 10 business days once we receive the return.  Subscription orders are non returnable. 

To initiate a return, please contact our customer service team HERE


I received an email with my tracking number but how can I check the delivery status?

You can track your order via USPS.com with the tracking number provided in your shipping email. 

I placed an order but have not received a confirmation email, how can I check if my order was received?

Most of the time you have nothing to worry about but leave us a message on the CONTACT PAGE and we will look into it and provide you with an update.

I am an international customer and I have not received my order yet. 

Please be aware that all international orders can take up to 15-20 business days to arrive.  Most of the time delays are due to customs in the receiving country.  If it's been longer than 20 days from the time your order shipped, then please CONTACT US so that we can look into it.

I am an international customer, can I track my shipment?

Unfortunately, the United States Postal Service does not have the ability to track shipments once they leave US shores.  What we recommend is tracking your order from your local postal service website with the tracking number we provided in your shipping email. 

I never received my Harmony Scrub Hats, what should I do?

We're really sorry that you did not receive your scrub hats.  First, visit www.USPS.com and track your order with the tracking number provided in your shipping email.  If the status shows "delivered" and you have not received the package, please CONTACT US immediately so that we can resolve the issue.

I just placed my order but I would like to make a change, is it to late?

Not at all! Simply CONTACT US within 24 hours with the desired changes and we will correct the order.  

 I placed my order but forgot to use my coupon code, what can I do?

No problem, CONTACT US and leave us a detailed message with the coupon code and we will adjust your invoice and issue a refund.


Shipping Information

How much will shipping be with my Harmony order? 

All orders over $40 ship FREE to all U.S. addresses.  If you are purchasing Calzuro Clogs, shipping will be $8.99 for the shoes only

Orders which include both Calzuro clogs and scrub hats, will be charged $8.99 for shipping which covers the shoes  

All International shipping ranges from $7.99 to $16.99 USD or more depending on what country you live in.

Shipping Charges To Canada

Orders over $100 ship FREE.

When will my Harmony order ship?

All SHOP orders will ship within two BUSINESS days.  Subscription orders will ship on the 15th of every month. Example: If you started your subscription on the 5th of the month, then your subscription order will ship on the 15th.  Likewise, If you started on the 25th your subscription order will ship the following month on the 15th.

Does Harmony ship internationally? 

Yes! We want everyone to enjoy our scrub hats.


Product Questions

Where are your scrub hats manufactured? 

Our scrub hats are made right here in the USA by American workers.  

What is the difference between the Modern Bouffant­™ and the Classic Bouffant™?

Both scrub caps hold the same amount of hair and fit wonderfully.  The Modern Bouffant™ sports a steam-lined bill that tucks away nicely by the ear for all-day comfort. This bouffant also has large pleats across the front of the hat which enables the hat to lay nicely on the head providing a more tailored look.  The Classic Bouffant™ is our take on the traditional style bouffant.  This scrub hat has a larger bill that wraps further around the head which helps keep the cap snug on your head.  Unlike the Modern Bouffant™, the Classic Bouffant™ is gathered across the front of the hat giving you that traditional look in the OR.

Are your hats adjustable?

Yes.  The EURO® and the Bouffant scrub hats are adjustable via elastic and a cord stop.  Our Florence™, Harmony Ponytail™ and our Mens Scrub Hats are adjustable via ties.

I have long hair, which style will work best for me?

All of our scrub hats with the exception of our men's hats will hold medium to long hair.  If you have extremely long hair we recommend trying one of our Bouffant styles.

Do Harmony Scrub Hats come in different sizes?

No.  All of our scrub caps are "one size fits most".

I noticed that the fabric selection is different amongst the various hat styles, can I request a certain fabric in any style?

We cut our fabric based on what is needed during that production cycle.  With that in mind, fabric selection can vary depending on what is available at the time of purchase.  if you are interested in a certain fabric in a particular style, you can always take advantage of our custom work.  CONTACT US for more information.

What is the difference between the Harmony EURO® and all the other Euro scrub hats on the market?

Harmony was the first to introduce the EURO® Scrub Hat to the market and hold the registered trademark.  As the originator or this product, we have perfected the fit and feel of this scrub hat making it the best scrub hat on the market.  Don't settle for imitations, get your Original EURO® today.

What is the Disposable Houdini?

The Disposable Houdini™ is a scrub hat designed after our Modern Bouffant™ although it made from different material.  The body of the hat is constructed from a synthetic material that contains no cotton.  The bill is made from 100% designer cotton to provide a comfortable fit.  This scrub cap was designed to last for a month and is the perfect alternative to the dreaded paper pouf.  Pointless regulations are no match for Houdini 😜

I am a retailer, can I set up a wholesale account with Harmony?

We love working with retailers.  CONTACT US for more information.

I have my own fabric that I would like made into a Harmony Scrub Hat, can this be done?

Yes, Harmony offers custom work.  CONTACT US to learn more.

What size are your socks?

All of our socks are size 6-10.

Do you offer men's socks?

Currently, we do not.


Calzuro Clogs

Can I purchase Calzuro Clogs from outside the U.S.?  

No.  Due to manufacturers policy, we are not allowed to sell Calzuro Clogs outside of the U.S. 

Shipping charges are $8.99 for all Calzuro Clogs.  

Which Calzuro style is right for me?

Calzuro Classic is recommended as personal protective footwear and for standing long hours. This style is designed with a slight heel to reduce fatigue and can be sterilized in the autoclave.  Great for all medical workers.

What widths do you carry?

All Calzuro Clogs are a medium width.

How can I clean my shoes?

All Calzuro clogs are machine washable and can be bleached. Calzuro Classic styles are unique for medical professionals as they can be sterilized in the autoclave. For culinary use, Calzuro Classic styles can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher. 

What is the return policy?

Harmony accepts even exchanges and returns for Calzuro products returned within 30 days of original purchase, with original packaging, and without signs of wear.  Customers are responsible for return shipping cost on Calzuro Clogs.



You can always contact us on FACEBOOK and Instagram or through our CONTACT US page and we will be happy to assist you.