Women's Scrub Hats

Here at Harmony we offer five unique styles of high-quality women’s scrub hats. There are many beautiful prints to choose from and our inventory is updated several times a month. So take some time to browse our current selection and choose that perfect scrub hat for you or your co-workers.  Continued below


We understand the demands of your job and we know that women’s scrub caps must be practical, making your day easier, not more difficult. That’s why we design each hat with simplicity and comfort as our guiding principles.

At the same time, you are an individual, with your own taste and sense of style. Choosing the perfect fit and styling from our collection of women’s surgical scrub hats lets you wear the most flattering look, so you can go about your day without any fuss.

Our constantly growing selection of colorful prints gives you a way to express a bit of your personality, to brighten up the OR and even help connect with patients. There are themed prints, like the Support Autism Awareness design, the Garden Sky floral print on a blue base, the Pups print with darling puppy images, and many more. There’s sure to be at least one print that fits your interests and expresses your individuality. 

Choose one of four practical, flattering styles to suit your shape of face and hair. The streamlined, adaptable EURO™, the Florence™, with a feminine tie-back look, the Classic Bouffant™ women’s surgical hat that accommodates even the fullest volume hairstyle, and the traditional Solids, with bold, single colors on your choice of the Bouffant or EURO style scrub hat.

New to Harmony?  Check out our popular EURO® Scrub Hat, its the perfect combination of comfort and simplicity.  All of our scrub caps are functional and stylish and will accomodate many different hair lengths.