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The Florence

It’s the fit! No, it’s the beauty! Wait… Hey, how about both? With its tailored fit and its ability to hold a lot of hair, the Florence™ scrub hat provides total comfort for all of your endless days in the OR. Get ready to be dazzled. Whether you’re a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional, you have the opportunity to own a scrub cap that’s comfortable and actually makes a fashion statement at the same time. If you want to turn heads with a fashion forward design for your scrub cap, and you love the idea of a comfortable hat that’s uniquely your own, look no further than Harmony.  Continued Below...

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Be Creative Florence™ Scrub Hat

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The Florence Scrub Hats

What is there to know about the Florence scrub hats? Well, first of all, they are beautiful and come in a vast array of fabrics and colors. It’s no accident that designs like Blue Butterfly Bonanza and Floral Bliss are so colorful and vibrant. We get that the OR and most healthcare facilities can be drab and clinical, which means that even the smallest splash of color and style is going to be a much-needed break from monotony. You’re sure to find the perfect scrub hat for you here at Harmony.

Something New

You really should try to find scrub caps for you or your co-workers with a quality beyond just disposable paper. There’s nothing about those caps that lets you express your individuality, and let’s face it… Being in scrubs all day isn’t always easy for fashion-conscious ladies. With your scrub cap, you get to try something new and stand out. The Florence scrub hats from Harmony are perfect for those with shorter hairstyles. We like to say that our Florence scrub hats combine beauty and comfort, and this is no exaggeration. While we value style, we take the quality of our scrub hats very seriously, and ensure that they will hold up to the rigors of a busy workday. They also come in a light weight cotton fabric that’s an absolute joy to wear, and certainly a welcome relief from the disposal caps you’re probably accustomed to.


Give Them a Try

We invite you to browse our catalog of Florence scrub hats and see if there’s something that speaks to you. With a variety of patterns and color schemes available, something is sure to pop out that’s the right fit for your unique style. Our customers are usually very happy to move past conventional headwear and discover some scrub hats that radiate color and a zest for life, adding a bright spot to an otherwise drab environment. Within the Florence scrub hat options, you have so many bright and inviting patterns, styles, and colors that will help your patients feel more connected to you, and might even break the ice. So why not go for it and see if the Florence scrub hat is right for you? Do yourself and your hair a favor and try the beautiful Florence™ Scrub Hat today!   #TryIt


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